San Diego is one of only a few places in the world where you can begin your day with a dip in the surf, head to the mountains for a trek among the oaks and pines, have lunch in a desert palm canyon, scoot across the border for a margarita at cocktail hour, and wrap up the day around a bonfire at a beach party. This section shows you area by area where to go to enjoy our beautiful outdoors. Alert – We’ve made every effort to provide useful and accurate information about hiking and biking areas. But conditions and onsite markers change. Because of this, Tom and Jack assume no responsibility for outdoors difficulties. Above all apply good safety rules.

A quick alert to be careful about heading out on our trails as it’s not  like walking around the block. Wear good walking shoes for good grip, be careful to not stumble (a walking stick is often a good aid, especially when up and down hill hikes), be  prepared for the heat, and go with knowledgeable leaders in the back country. Finally, understand that Tom Leech has no liability for troubles on the trails.

General San Diego Region

Tips to San Diego’s Special Outdoors World – Waterfalls in San Diego?

Coast Specific

Chula Vista Nature Center

Coastline North of La Jolla

Urban San Diego City Parks

Balboa Park, the Prado

Mission Trails, the Old Dam










Stelzer County Park

Otay Valley Regional Park

Iron Mountain – post fire



Desert Specific

Ocotillo Blooming

Spring Visitors Ctr